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Eileen LaMontagne
February 21, 2017

10 Questions with a Race Director: Melissa Bondy

Melissa BondyAs the series director at Bass Pro Shop Fitness Series, Melissa helps manage their 21 events and training series, including the Bass Pro Shops Zombie Run, which sounds wonderfully terrifying.

A passionate runner, Melissa finds the time to do 10 races a year! Like all great organizers, Melissa seems to have unlimited energy.

We asked Melissa to share some of her experiences with us, and where she comes up with her energy reserves (while we didn’t get a clear answer on that, we suspect it's peanut butter), 

Here we go, 10 questions with Melissa Bondy:


Hi Melissa!

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Totally Beatles! I really like the Rolling Stones but the Beatles changed the world.

Why in the world did you become a race director?
Running is a passion for me. It keeps me grounded, healthy, connected to nature and spiritually filled with joy. I like to bring that other people. Running changes people from the inside out.

What sponsors do you shamelessly want to plug?
Bass Pro Shops- the reason we get to do what we do
New Balance- has been with us from the beginning
MO Beef Industry Council- very supportive and seeks to support the health of our runners
Mercy- provides all of our medical care and has a mission that aligns with ours- service

What's the craziest thing a participant ever said to you?
Someone wanted a medal for registering but did not complete an event. They thought registering should get them the medal.

What’s included in your perfect post-race meal?
Scrambled eggs and peanut butter! Not mixed together.

What does 1 + 1 equal, and why?
Way more than 2- especially when referring to people- always a better outcome when more than one is working toward a goal.

Favorite thing about imATHLETE?
Service, service, service!

What do enjoy most about being an event organizer?
Working with the people behind the scenes and the people participating in our events; people are always the key to our lives; the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships.

Your biggest fear on event day? Your greatest joy?
Something will happen to someone while they are running.
Watching people accomplish their goals.

Trail or Road? Cake or Ice-Cream?
Road on weekdays, trails on weekends
I like my cake with ice cream- chocolate please! With a dollop of peanut butter!

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