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Eileen LaMontagne
July 25, 2017

10 Questions with Rachel Martin of Pumpkinman Triathlon Festival

Rachel Martin of Pumpkinman Triathlon FestivalRachel Martin is a passionate entrepreneur, small business owner, and philanthropist in the southern Maine / Seacoast New Hampshire region. She has founded several small businesses in the areas of personal health and real estate investment, while also running several nonprofit foundations and leading charitable fundraising activities that have raised many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Rachel is currently the principal at Forward Motion LLC, a philanthropic athletic events & management company. Forward Motion's flagship event is the Pumpkinman Triathlon, for which Rachel is the lead Race Director. She also founded Rick's Run 5k, a race to honor the memory of her father who was a Vietnam veteran and that also benefits Veteran's Count.

We asked Rachel to take a moment out of her inspiring schedule to share a little about her experience as a Race Director. She shared with us years of experience, a focus on safety, and a love for Pumpkinman Triathlon’s whoopie pies!


Why in the world did you become a race director?

Why not??! It is exciting and you have to be like a Swiss Army knife-able to handle all sorts of things at once. I love it.


What sponsors do you shamelessly want to plug?

All of the local businesses that give and give to all of our community events- not just mine :)


Favorite thing about imATHLETE?

Their customer service with questions. They get right back to you and help you with whatever it is you may need.


Where is your favorite place to host events?

Spring Hill in South Berwick Maine, home to Pumpkinman and a race I just started in my father’s memory, Rick’s Run 5k.


What’s included in your perfect post-race meal?

A variety of things so that each athlete is able to enjoy… whether they be, gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free. But if I had to be specific, I would have to say an amazing dessert spread. With whoopie pies. We have amazing ones at Pumpkinman


What’s your spirit animal?

A sea turtle!


What three things are absolutely essential for putting on a successful event?

Making sure you have a safety plan, checking that the safety plan is able to be executed, and having another back up safety plan. Can you tell that safety is my number one priority?! Other than that, I would say having the best crew to help and creating an atmosphere of fun for all those involved :)


Have you ever had to cancel an event due to weather?

Yes. The infamous micro burst of 2016 at the half iron event last September. We had to cancel the run. Which was such a hard decision to make because athletes train for a long time. But also not a tough decision to make when safety is number one.


What does winning look/feel like?

It’s the smiles and high fives along the course and at the finish line. The tears that come when team Hoyt crosses the line. The energy that everyone has after the event.


Trail or Road? Cake or Ice-Cream?

Road. And both- ice cream cake!!


Thanks, Rachel!

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