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Kaila Luttrell
March 07, 2017

3 Clever Ways to Use Invitation Codes

Three Clever Ways To Use Invitation Codes to Grow Your EventYou know what the neat thing about working with race directors day in and day out is? You all are one creative bunch. You think out of the box, you have a vision, and you want to know how your tools will get there. 

Which means we get to see folks use our platform in ways that we never anticipated they would. Which is really, really cool. 

Invitation codes are one of those features where 99% of folks use them the same way, but 1% of you are pushing the envelope and using them in a really creative way.

If you aren't familiar, invitation codes let you set up hidden race registration options and then give athletes a code (or link) to unlock that hidden option. (You can learn more about invitation codes here.) In a nutshell, invitation codes can save you time, save you money, and help you grow your event.

Let's take a look at three examples.


Tracking Ambassador Referrals

Because you can attach invitation codes to classes that are already open to the public and the invitation code usage report shows you how many times an invitation code has been used, some folks have found that invitation codes make a really handy way to track how effective their ambassador program is. Naturally, this helps them refine their ambassador program and grow their events.


Collecting Large Donations

The default service fee on registrations over $350 is lower than the standard service fee for all donations. Some folks who want to process a large donation and save some money on the service fee create a hidden class just for that large donor, give the donor an invitation code or link, and voila save money.


Simplifying Relay Team Changes

If you set up a relay registration class as a true relay, all team members are required to sign up at the same time. Which means that if a team member can no longer participate, the whole relay team has to cancel and sign up again with the correct team member.

Some folks find it easier to to have a public registration class just for team captains (who only register themselves, but pay for the whole team) then provide the captain with an invitation link to send to team members who can complete their online race registrations independently and without re-paying the registration fee. 

Invitation codes may seem simple on the surface, but they’re a powerful way to save money, save time, and grow your event.

Is there a non-standard way you use invitation codes to make your life easier? Let us know in the comments!

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