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Kaila Luttrell
December 20, 2016

5 Wonderful and Terrible Things About Relay Teams

Relay Team

If you’ve ever put on an event with relay teams, you know that they bring something wonderful and magical and joyful to the table. They also bring something that feels a bit like a sharp pain behind your left eye.

All in all, they’re a bit of a double edged sword. Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful and terrible things about relay teams:


The Wonderful

1 - More People Sign Up!

Everybody wins. Your brand gets more exposure to new athletes, you get more revenue, your athletes get an awesome experience, and they get an overall better quality of life (because what makes your life better than participating in an athletic event?).

2 - Camaraderie

When folks sign up in teams, they know each other. And maybe/probably they train together. And they talk about their training together. And they psych each other up for the race. And then on event day, they are so freaking stoked to be doing this thing with the people they know and like

3 - Less Confusion During Online Registration

On the imATHLETE platform, relay team registrations are treated as one registration, no matter how many folks are on the team. One team = one online race registration = one confirmation number. This means that nobody is going to accidentally join the wrong team, and you don’t have to go hunting down each team member who used a slightly different variation of the team name during online registration (and then deal with all those registration edits). Everyone on the team is on the same registration. Period. The end.

The Terrible

4 - Humans Are Fickle, And You Are At Their Mercy

People will get injured, have an unexpected work trip, fail to train enough, and [insert the favorite excuse you’ve ever heard here]. Those people will naturally want to bail on their relay teams. And then you, dear race director, are tasked with managing the 16 different email threads it takes to break up that relay team, sub in the new team member, and moosh it all back together into one team registration again. Only marginally less challenging than putting humpty dumpty back together again.

5 - Some Folks Can't Get A Team Together

You will discourage folks from signing up if they think can’t find enough people to put together a team. This also applies to the people who might be able to put together a team but lack the skills necessary to harass, threaten, and otherwise compel enough potential team members into getting their race registration info over in a timely fashion. 


There you have it. 5 wonderful and terrible things about relay teams.

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