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Cortney Martin
October 09, 2018

Reg OPEN for Data Insight Series No. 4: Discount Codes: Are you doing it wrong?

Discount Code

Registration is now open for fourth webinar in the year-long Running USA + imATHLETE Data Insight Series. It will be hosted by our data guru and CEO, Jeff Matlow, who eats this stuff for breakfast!

This session will focus on discount codes to promote race registration and how they are commonly misused. 

Assuming you want to make more money, you should join this webinar. With the holidays right around the corner, people are thinking about both spending and saving money.  What better time to analyze discount code usage including what works and what doesn’t?

Set for Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 11am PST, you can register for the webinar here.

The Data Insight Series webinars focus on key data points about endurance athletes and how the information can be utilized to solve business challenges and promote growth. The first webinar focused on runner retention rates and ways to improve them to drive event participation. The second webinar focused on how far runners will travel to participate in different distances of events. Webinar No. 3 covered when runners register based on how far they live from the event.

Running USA members can access the recordings of those presentations on


imATHLETE + Running USA Data Insight Series:

  • Data Insight Series No. 1 - Runner Retention Rates
  • Data Insight Series No. 2 - How Far Participants are Willing to Travel to Events
  • Data Insight Series No. 3 - Registration Trends for Locals and Travelers
  • Data Insight Series No. 4 - Discount Codes and How You're Doing it Wrong - coming Nov. 7!

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