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Cortney Martin
February 23, 2018

Data Insight Series: Picture Book Edition

We love data.  And no, we aren't just talking about our GPS running data.  At imATHLETE, we have aggregated (and continue to aggregate) hundreds of millions of data points about participant behavior to inform your business decisions. We share it gladly, for free, because we're all in this together and we are all focused on further strengthening the industry! 

We post regularly about best practices at the I Am Jeff blog. But here we offer a starting point with a few key points of interest for race directors from the imATHLETE Data Insight Series. If you prefer, you can download the booklet here - just print and assemble! 

Oh and by the way, kids love it too. With the soothing shades of grey, pops of color, and (spoiler alert) the surprise appearance of a fruit, it's a nice change-up from reading Goodnight Moon.






Data-insights-imATHLETE-booklet-pg-5.png Data-insights-imATHLETE-booklet-pg-6.png Data-insights-imATHLETE-booklet-pg-7.png Data-insights-imATHLETE-booklet-pg-8.png Data-insights-imATHLETE-booklet-pg-9.png Data-insights-imATHLETE-booklet-pg-10.png Data-insights-imATHLETE-booklet-pg-11.png Data-insights-imATHLETE-booklet-pg-12.png

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