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Jeff Matlow
August 01, 2018

Don't Miss the Most Popular Webinar Series From Running USA!

Join us on Tuesday, August 7 at 11 am PST for the Data Insight Webinar No. 2: How Far Will Runners Travel to Participate in Your Event? 

This revealing episode is part of a year-long Data Insight Series presented by imATHLETE and Running USA. This second installment will share valuable data around runners' travel habits and how those findings should inform your marketing decisions.

The webinar will shed light on the great question: where DO runners come from?

Register here for the webinar.

Tuesday, August 7 at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST

The findings, presented by imATHLETE CEO Jeff Matlow, are based on tens of millions of data points and a mind-blowing volume of registration analytics. The takeaways will change the way you spend your marketing dollars and help you target potential out-of-town runners 

Join imATHLETE and Running USA for some dramatic insights, more than a few laughs and what's turned out to be the most popular webinar series in Running USA history! 


About the Data Insight Series

The Data Insight Series webinars focus on key data insights about endurance athletes and the use of that information to solve business challenges and drive growth.

The first webinar, presented in May 2018, focused on runner retention rates and ways to improve that to drive event growth. Running USA members can access a recording of that presentation on

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