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Jeff Matlow
April 02, 2020

The Time is Now: Endurance Sports Coalition

The Time Is Now

Last week in my post about the financial state of the endurance industry, I talked about a unification happening to hopefully bring relief to the endurance industry.
It is here.
And it needs our support.

The Plea to DC

The endurance industry will survive this pandemic, that I know.  But it's time for us to unify so that the industry can sustain jobs, support our athlete communities and continue to deliver the economic and charitable impact.
imATHLETE / EnMotive was asked to join a group of organizations in the creation of the Endurance Sports Coalition.  DC lobbyists have been hired and the group is doing everything possible to get Congress to provide critical funding and relief for our industry.

The Industry Needs Our Support.  It's Free.

The ask of all of us is simple:  support the cause
There is no cost to you.  There is no fee.  All costs have been taken care of.  We just need every organization involved in endurance - whether event organizer, non-profit or vendor - to support the cause in order to make Congress truly hear our industry's need.

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