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January 31, 2016

Download Free Webinar on Event Cancellation: Protect Yourself from the Unexpected

Steinbeck once said "The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry".  Which is just a shmancy Nobel Prize winner way of saying "S**T HAPPENS."

We don't have to tell you that no matter how well you plan your event, there are lightening.pngcertain things that are just out of your control that can lead to a necessary event cancellation.

The past few years have been especially rough - between freezing winters (we're looking at you, Polar Vortex), stifling hot summers that make it nearly a health-hazard to lace up your running shoes, natural disasters and serious safety threats to athletes, every year more and more races across the nation have been forced to cancel their events at the eleventh hourbreak_piggy_bank_right.jpg

It's not as much a matter of IF it will happen to you, but rather WHEN it will.

Last minute event cancellations can be devasting for your race's reputation... AND be tragic to your piggy bank.  It can put you out of business.

In our latest webinar, Jennifer Hazard Davis, Director of Customer Success at imATHLETE, and insurance expert Nathan Nicholas, Owner/Founder of Nicholas Hill Benefit Group, discuss how you can protect your event, your bank account and your credibility with your athletes when the unexpected happens.

And the best thing?  It costs you a whopping $0, thanks to your online race registration partnerwink_face.jpg


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