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Cortney Martin
August 15, 2018

What You Need To Know About Online Waivers

For some event directors, getting a signed waiver may not seem that important and those people probably just hope nothing goes wrong.  Unfortunately, "hope" is not a viable strategy.
Obtaining consent for your event waiver is critical for establishing a legal agreement between the participant and your event company.  Waivers are vitally important for legal - and ultimately financial - protection. 

you're probably saying, tell me something I don't already know.   
1. The way consent is documented MATTERS.
In the event of a potential lawsuit, will you be able to produce evidence that the intended participant (or parent/guardian) consented to your online waiver? These details matter!
There was very recently a lawsuit with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in which the entire judgement came down to the online registration waiver process.  Fortunately, this judgement confirmed the process that imATHLETE has been doing for over 8 years.
Every signed waiver on imATHLETE has the following information stored for you:
  • date and time waiver was signed
  • initials of person signing the waiver
  • name, address, gender, email, phone of person signing the waiver
  • IP address of the computer they used to sign the waiver
  • browser, browser version, operating system and device type that they used to sign the waiver
Basically, short of getting fingerprints, we do everything we can to prove that a specific individual from a specific computer at a specific second signed the waiver. 
The difference between sleeping soundly at night and a multi-million dollar lawsuit comes down to minutiae like this.  In fact, there are well over 5 waiver-related claims per year that imATHLETE hears about - our waiver process has held up in the court of law 100% of the time.
2. Adults must sign their own waiver even when registered by another person
We are often asked, "Why haven't all of my participants signed their waivers?" That's because of proxy registrations. 
I can sign YOU up for a race, I just can't sign your waiver.
Proxy registrations are a common occurrence, whether it's a friend/spouse signing up another or a team registration,  In fact, 27% of all imATHLETE transactions have multiple items in the cart, including multiple registrations.
In the beginning of the registration process, all registrants are ask if they are "registering someone other than myself." That will enable the waiver bypass. 
3. imATHLETE makes it easy to get all waiver signatures.
You really need every waiver signed prior to the event. Really really. REALLY.
Not to worry, though, imATHLETE makes it incredibly easy with a combination of totally automated and RD-initiated methods.
Automated methods:
  • Immediate Email: Upon being registered, imATHLETE immediately sends out an automated email to the proxy registrant with a link for them to sign the waiver.. 
  • Pre-Event Email: You can enable an Unsigned Waiver Email Trigger that sends an email out 14 days before the event day to all registrants with an unsigned waiver. 

This is what those automated emails look like:

waiver 10

And here's what they get when they click the link:

waiver 11So it's: Click - Click -  2 or 3 initials - Click! So easy!

RD-Initiated Methods

Use our easy links and reports to get unsigned waivers signed at any time. There are three main approaches for this:

  1. Use Unsigned Waiver Links from Participant Details grid - use "Select Columns" to show unsigned waiver links;  From that you can select an individual link or export them all. 
  2. Send Unsigned Waiver Reminders from PD grid using the link at the upper left-hand side of the PD grid. It will use the same format as the email shown above.

    Waiver Annotated
  3. Download Using Unsigned Waiver Links Report - This report is available under "Other Reports" and it allows the option of scheduling. That means you can get a daily, weekly, or monthly report/reminder.  


With a clear understanding of the process and tools, you can see it's no big deal to reach out for waiver signatures. And we've got the documentation/digital proof aspect covered.

Just could be managing all those paper waivers instead. Now doesn't that sound like fun!?  


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