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Cortney Martin
February 27, 2018

Faster Event Registration on Mobile

We've just released a few new things to enhance the event registration experience on mobile. And, truth be told, it helps the experience on desktop too.

Autofill More Fields

When you are logged in to imATHLETE, we autofill fields on the registration form. Well, we now added more fields to autofill. Now when somebody registers, their name, address, city, state, zip, birthdate, emergency contact name and emergency contact phone fields are automatically filled out. We are starting to add t-shirt size and some of the most popular custom questions into the mix as well.

Autofill Multiple Registrations

Did you know that nearly 25% of all transactions on imATHLETE have multiple items in the cart? That means 1 out of every 4 registrants is either buying merchandise or registering multiple people. And we've just made it easier for them.

We had an address autofill feature before, but we've brought it out to the forefront now.

When a registrant is signing up a second person (or third, or fourth, or...) they now are presented with a very clear option to autofill the address info or register the same person again. Click, boom, done.

autofill address

Encourage People To Register Faster

Based on feedback we got from race directors, we've added some additional wording to describe the benefits of creating an account on imATHLETE. Specifically, we want people to know that they can register faster with an account.

register faster

Default to Numeric Keyboard on Mobile

We discovered that not all of our integer fields were defaulting to the numeric keyboard when somebody registered on a mobile device. Shame on us.

It's done been fixed. When somebody is entering their phone number, emergency contact phone number, text info or any other integer field, their mobile device will automatically default to their number keyboard.

So we've got that going for us, which is nice.

Of course, since they've created an account on imATHLETE and all the fields autofill, this shouldn't matter anyway.

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