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June 20, 2016

Event Marketing Links

Feature Spotlight: Event Marketing Links

imATHLETE is chock full of handy features that really don't get their fair share of the limelight. It's time to fix that. Welcome to the imATHLETE Feature Spotlight series where you can learn how different features can help you grow your event and reduce your workload. 

First up: Event Marketing Links.

What Are Event Marketing Links?

Event Marketing Links are pretty much exactly what they sound like (we like to keep it real here at imATHLETE): they’re custom links that you can create to market and track your event or race. Pretty straightforward, no?

But while it might seem like a simple feature on the surface, Event Marketing Links are actually more powerful than The Rock after chugging a protein shake, a Red Bull and squatting a solid 450 at the gym. These little links are going to give you all sorts of insights into where your race registrations are coming from, what parts of your marketing strategy are working for your athletes (and which are decidedly NOT working) and how you can optimize your campaigns like a champ. They’re basically data-collecting, multitasking super-links (and who doesn’t love those?!).


How Do Event Marketing Links Work?

Now you might be asking yourself “how do these data-collecting, multitasking super-links work?” The Event Marketing Links feature allows you to create custom registration links for all corners of your marketing: you can create a link for your email marketing campaign, a link for Facebook, Twitter, your website's CTA to your online race registration… seriously, if you can dream it, you can link it. Heck, create a million links if you want to. They’re unlimited (although if you’ve got a million opportunities for your athletes to register for your event, a) you’re my hero and b) you’ve seriously got to lay some time management secrets on me, because WOW).

Once you have your links in place, that’s where the fun begins (or, at least data nerds like me consider it fun). The Event Marketing Links will track every click to your imATHLETE registration, so you can see exactly where every single athlete who registers on your online race registration website comes from.


Why Do I Need Event Marketing Links?

If you’re not already foaming out the mouth wanting to incorporate Event Marketing Links into your marketing strategy yet, let me break it down for you.

Knowledge is power.

By knowing exactly where your athletes and registrations are coming from, you’re going to know exactly what’s driving registrations and what’s falling flat, what’s bringing in cash and what’s a waste of time.

For example, let’s say you have an email marketing campaign that you’ve invested a lot of time and resources into creating. Without Event Marketing Links, you can only guess how successful the campaign actually is. But WITH Event Marketing Links, you’ll know exactly how many people clicked the link, which email in the series that they clicked on how many of those clicks turned into paying athletes. All this juicy information will help you make a judgment call on whether you should continue to invest the time and resources into building new/similar campaigns.

Having these custom URLs to track where your race registrations are coming from is going to turn you into what I call a “marketing psychic”; instead of guessing what’s putting money into your pocket (and athletes at your starting line), you’re going to know. And that knowledge is going to seriously help you predict future behavior of your athletes and continue to improve on your existing success.

From now on, I’ll just call you Miss Cleo.


How Do I Get Event Marketing Links To Work For Me?

If you want to set up Event Marketing Links, you can check out our tutorial. As a default, we’ll automatically set you up with custom links for your Facebook and Twitter; then the rest is up to you.

My advice to you: go crazy! Create a custom link for the “Register Now” button on every page of your website so you know which page is converting best. Create links every time you have messaging going out to drive race registration. Don’t hold back, people.

Once your links are in place, you can see how each is performing on your Event Marketing Links dashboard - this will have a list of all of your links, the number of clicks and the number of registrations. And because we love you, you can even download reports that will organize your data so you can compare links and see how they’re performing side-by-side (visual learners, rejoice!).


If you have any questions on how to implement Event Marketing Links for your race, we got you. Reach out to our support team, and we’ll be happy to help.

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