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Kaila Luttrell
August 02, 2016


Feature Spotlight: Announcements

Sometimes, you need to communicate really important information to your athletes in a place you know they will see and read it. You've been around the block enough times to know that just because you included it on the front page of your website, posted it to your social media accounts, sent it in an email, and flew an aerial banner outside your athletes' windows, doesn't mean anyone actually took the time to read that message.

Fortunately for you, our Announcements feature is built just for this reason. It helps you put important information right where folks need to see it - in the registration flow. 

Here's what you need to know for getting the most out of the Announcements feature.


Why You Should Be Using Announcements

There are a few key reasons you should be using Announcements in your registration flow:

  • They save you from having to answer the same questions over and over and over again

  • They'll help give your promotions maximum exposure

  • They'll make your athletes' lives easier by answering their most common questions right where they've run into them - on the online race registration form

For example, in addition to sending an email with a discount code for merchandise, which folks will likely forget about or won't be able to find later, you can just stick the discount code right on the merchandise page. Easy peasy.


Where Can You Put 'em?

You can throw Announcements on the first page of race registration, your merchandise page, personal information page, upsell page...pretty much any step of your sales and registration process is up for grabs.

As far as the types of Announcements you can make? The possibilities are literally endless. Got a bunch of events that you want all your athletes to participate in? Throw a multi-event discount code Announcement on the upsell page of each event's registration flow.

Multi-Event Discount Announcement

Have a hard stop for when online race registration closes? Include “Registration Closes at 12 pm Pacific” in big, bold letters right on the first page of registration.

1st Page of Registration Announcement

Want to remind folks about your referral rewards program just before they check out and are presented with the option to share on social media? Add it to your upsell page and confirmation receipt. 

Referral Rewards

Seriously, if you can dream it, you can announce it.


How Do You Set Up Announcements?

Adding Announcements to your registration pages is so easy that a preschooler could manage the process.

Log into your imATHLETE dashboard and click on the Announcements and Notifications link on the left sidebar. Once you’re in, choose the event you want to add an Announcement to and click Add Announcement (see? I told you we made this easy).

If you want to get fancy with your Announcement, you can use some basic HTML to pretty up the text or make hyperlinks. 

You've also got the option to specify a start and end time that the Announcement is visible, which is great for things that have a short shelf life like flash sales on your merchandise or limited time only coupon codes.

If you want to post the Announcement to multiple events (makes it handy for those multi-event discount codes), just make sure they're selected on the right side of your Announcement setup. 

When everything looks good, save your setup and voilà! Your Announcement has officially been announced.


If you need a more in-depth walk- through of how to set up Announcements on your pages, check out the tutorial in our Help Center.

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