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July 19, 2016

Club Membership

Feature Spotlight: Club Membership

If you are managing a club and are still handling memberships with paper, I don't have to tell you that you could be saving yourself a huge amount of time and headache by going digital.

Whether you're managing a a running club, a triathlon club or just a general cool kids club (unfortunately, I never get invitations to those), imATHLETE's Club Membership feature will make your life easier.


What Is Club Membership?

Club Membership is, you guessed it, a way to manage your club and it’s members straight from your imATHLETE dashboard. It gives you the ability to set up different levels of membership (like Gold, Silver and Bronze) and different membership durations (like 3 months, 6 months and a year), to process and manage club memberships just like you would race registrations, and comes with a slew of other awesome club membership management tools that will keep your club as organized as Monica Gellar’s sock drawer.


Why Should I Use Club Membership?

Because you care about your sanity. Look, I know managing a club is not the easiest job in the world. You’re probably swimming in membership forms, have a vague idea (at best) who’s in your club and when their membership is going to expire (not to mention when the last time they paid their dues was) and feel like if someone doesn’t streamline this for you soon, your club is going to go the way of the Mickey Mouse Club and go off the air.

Well, think of Club Membership as that special someone that’s going to swoop in, streamline your club and save the day (and keep the MMC together!). This feature is like The Container Store of athletic clubs - it is going to get you organized STAT.

Club Membership lets your members register, pay, renew and make changes to their membership online: no paper needed and no phone call to you needed. Yay for being green and saving time! And unlike paper, all of your member information is stored in a nice, organized database. So when you want to announce one of your fundraising races or need to get your information about your next meeting out to your members, you don’t have to shuffle through your filing cabinet scrambling to find everyone’s email. You can just download all of their contact info (or use the Email Manager) and shoot them a bulk message. Brilliant, no?

Club Membership is also going to manage the renewal process so you don’t have people sneaking in extra club meetings without paying their renewal dues. imATHLETE will send automated renewal reminders to members as their renewal date approaches. You can also download membership reports to see how much of your membership is coming up for renewal.


How Does Club Membership Work?

Setting up Club Membership is super simple. Once the feature is enabled for your account, just log into your imATHLETE dashboard and click “Create an Event” on your left sidebar. You’re going to enter in your club name, like Ridgefield Runners or Charleston Cool Kids Club, under Event Name and then check the box directly underneath that reads “This is A Club/Membership”. Easy peasy.

Once you’ve got your Club Membership started, the setup works just the same as for a regular race registration setup, but you'll be creating registration options for membership levels in Classes + Categories instead of race distances. 

After you've launched your Club Membership registration, your club is ready to rock. Share your registration link far and wide, on your race registration website, social media, and in an email to all of your athletes and watch those memberships come rolling in. 


The Club Membership feature packages all the aspects of club membership management neatly into one spot to make managing your club - and your life - easier. For more information on how to set up Club Membership, be sure to check out our tutorial.

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