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August 25, 2016

Invitation Codes

Feature Spotlight: Invitation Codes

Have you ever gotten a frantic phone call from a super loyal athlete who is totally bummed that your online race registration is sold out and they’re just dying to attend? And don’t you wish you could go all Harry Potter, wave a magic wand and POOF! conjure up some extra registration spots? Or maybe you want to do your sponsor a solid and throw them some free race registrations for their track and field loving kiddos, but you don’t want your whole race to see?

Invitation codes are the magic wands that let you conjure up those extra spots on the fly. POOF!


Tell Me More About Invitation Codes

Invitation codes (also known as Sponsor codes and Bypass codes) allow you to issue a special code to your athletes to allow them to register for sold out events or activate otherwise hidden registration classes (like free or discounted classes) that aren't publicly visible on your race registration website.

You can make as many invitation codes as you want per event, so you can get a sense of who’s using your codes and why. For example, maybe you’re rolling out a brand ambassador program and want to see how effective each ambassadors is at bringing in new athletes. You can assign each brand ambassador a unique invitation code and then monitor the analytics in the Invitation Code Usage Report to see who’s driving the most race registrations.

Don’t you just love technology?


How Do Invitation Codes Work?

Log into your imATHLETE dashboard and click the Discounts + Invitations Code link on the left side of your page. Once you’re in, click the Manage Invitations link and then click the Add Code button.

This is where the magic happens and you can generate your codes for sponsors, athletes or whoever else you want to give them to. Just enter your criteria, save, and voilà, you have an invitation code!

Once you have your invitation code, you’re obviously going to want to share it. There are a a couple of ways you can do this:

Classes opened up by the invitation code will appear bold and red. Easy peasy.


Why Do I Need Invitation Codes?

Invitation codes open up a whole world of possibilities for your registration process. You can use it in your brand ambassador program, you can give out free registration links to influencers, you can do a “second chance” registration and get more athletes to participate after your first round of registration sells out. Seriously, invitation codes are awesome.


If you need a more in-depth look at invitation codes and how they can work for your race, check out our tutorial here.

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