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September 21, 2016

Merchandise Manager

Sell your merchandise during online registration

As a race director, I'm sure you already know that athletes love merchandise the way that teenage girls love Justin Bieber: they can’t get enough of it. And I’m sure you’ve got a whole arsenal of merch (that you got at killer prices) ready to roll out and sell to your athletes.

But how exactly (other than kickin’ it old school and hawking t-shirts at bib assignment) do you sell your merch? Well, if you’ve ever asked yourself that question, it’s time for you meet our Merchandise Manager feature.


Tell Me More

The Merchandise Manager is a handy dandy tool that lets you sell your super sweet merch and collect donations from your athletes during race registration. It also allows you to set up a separate event store so folks can come back later and buy more stuff. 


Examples, Please!

With the Merchandise Manager, you can sell pretty much everything. Sure, you can sell the normal schwag like branded clothes (t-shirts, hats, jerseys, hoodies, hats and the like) or tchotchkes (pins, mugs and stickers), but you can also get creative and sell VIP race experiences, shuttle tickets for race day, gift certificates for online race registration or donations to your race charity.

Basically, it’s a major money maker for your race. And who doesn’t love that?


Everything in One Place

Merchandise Manager is an awesome feature because it allows you to manage your merchandise sales and your race registrations all from one place (yay for streamlining!). It also gives you additional opportunities outside of registration to sell, sell, sell by setting up an event store. And, last but not least, with merchandise reporting you can check out all of your data, see what’s selling and how fast and then use the data to optimize your merchandise sales process.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.


Easy Setup

You don't need a computer science degree to get your merchandise ready to sell on imATHLETE. Just log into your account, click the Merchandise Manager link on the left side of the screen and away you go! 

Setup involves three steps:

1 - Create the merchandise item. There is where you set the price, add pretty pictures and a compelling description, and set inventory limits.

2 - Tell us where you want to sell the item. This is where you set up which events will be selling the item, and whether it'll be included in the online registration flow, the event store, or both. 

3 - Watch the dollar bills come rolling on in.

Easy peasy!



Setting up and selling your merchandise on imATHLETE is incredibly simple and an excellent way to grow your event revenue. What are you waiting for?

PS - If you need a more specific how-to on getting your merchandise sales up and running, check out our help center for more tips.

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