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Kaila Luttrell
October 19, 2016

Hang on to Your Hats - Category Filters Are Here!

Filters! Get it?You know what my favorite day is? I like to call it Our Super Duper Technology Team Just Made Our Reporting Even Better Day. And if you use imATHLETE for your online race registration, it should be your favorite day, too. 

Because if you're using our platform, you know that Participant Details is the hub for all your participant data. You also know that the more ways you can manipulate that data, the easier your life becomes. 

Well, book that weekend getaway, because the Category filter just made your life that much easier.*

If you are already collecting Category information on your race registration form, the next time you pop in to Participant Details, you'll notice that the Category filter has been added to the happy little filter family. Like so:

Filter Online Registrations by Category

Happy filtering! 


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