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Randolph Garcia
October 18, 2016

imATHLETE's Active Lifestyle


imATHLETE's Active Lifestyle

At imATHLETE, we aren’t just online race registration software, we’re people too! imATHLETE is all about bringing everybody together - athletes, events, coaches, clubs and communities. At the individual level, we do our best to embody imATHLETE's mission every day and part of that is staying involved in our communities.


What better way to stay connected to the community than by actively participating in local activities.  imATHLETE employees are eligible to take advantage of our Active Lifestyle Reimbursement Program which as you can imagine, strives to get employees out there and participating in different activities.

Check out some of the fun activities our employees are up to.


Emma, Director of Operations
Activity: Pop physique/Cardio Barre classes

active8.jpgEmma, our resident Beyonce aficionado, has to stay “on pointe” in case her phone ever rings and it’s Beyonce inviting her on tour as the newest backup dancer!  In her own words…

“I love barre classes! They are fun while also totally kicking your butt! The exercises are ballet-inspired, low-impact toning workouts that isolate different muscle groups for a whole body workout. Barre classes are my cross training workouts and are a great complement to running!”   


Maribeth, Athlete Support Specialist
Activity: 5K races

Active2.jpgIf there is a local 5K race like the Santa Monica Classic or LA BIG 5K going on, you’ll probably find Maribeth there ready to race and collect that bling!  In her own words...

“I've made it my own personal goal to run a 5k at least once a month over the course of a year. Gotta get that PR and up my distance, ya know!”





Dana, Director of Sales
Activity: Snow Skiing

Active3.jpgDana decided to take a break from the beautiful beaches of San Diego to head to the mountains and hit the slopes for the first time!  In her own words…

“I had never skied before and wanted to try something new and challenging. It took a lot of patience but in the end I loved it and will be back next year to hit the slopes once again!”




Phuong, Software QA Associate
Activity: Sky Triking

Active4.jpgPhuong is our local daredevil so who better than to take on a new aerial stunt so many thousand feet into the sky.  In her own words…

"Not many people have done sky triking before so I thought it was really unique. The best part of the whole experience would be flying out in the open where you can feel the wind and the clouds and see the amazing views. Sadly, I couldn’t take off my helmet during the flight (safety first).”


Gio, Software QA Associate
Activity: Basketball

Active5.pngOnce Kobe Bryant announced his retirement, Gio knew a roster spot on the Los Angeles Lakers was opening up so he stepped up his game.  In his own words…

“Playing basketball is my form of relaxation, it separates me from the real world while playing. Good thing we have the active lifestyle benefit at imATHLETE, because I now play 4-6 times a month and was able to join the 2015-2016 league too.”


Kaila, Client Support Specialist
Activity: Hike Every Trail Challenge, 100 Miles in 100 Days (Maricopa County Parks)

Active6.jpgKaila is our hiker extraordinaire having been all over the country to hike different trails and just plain be outdoors!  In her own words…

“Well, I bought a pass that gets me into a ton of different outdoor activities in my county park system. I love being out on the trail--hiking, running, biking, taking a yoga break in the middle of a wash, whatever--and this pass gets me into a bunch of great parks with tons of fantastic trails.”



Activity: Bollywood Dance classes

active7.jpgDona is known to occasionally ‘bust a move’ and would be our secret dance weapon if our office were ever to find itself in the middle of an epic dance-off with another company.  In her own words...

“I like to dance. It's a great way for me to relax, stay fit, and be happy. I did these classes with some of my friends who are interested in dancing and it was super fun!”



These are just a couple of ways employees stay active during the year. To hear more from employees on what they enjoy about the Active Lifestyle Reimbursement Program and other imATHLETE benefits, visit the Employee Benefits page of our website.

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