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Randolph Garcia
August 09, 2016

imATHLETE Gives Back


Giving back is always in style

At imATHLETE, we aren’t just online race registration software, we’re people too! imATHLETE is all about bringing everybody together - athletes, events, coaches, clubs and communities. At the individual level, we do our best to embody imATHLETE's mission every day and part of that is staying involved in our communities.

At imATHLETE we are all about bringing everybody together! Whether it’s by supporting our local fundraising races or volunteering our time at the closest animal shelter, imATHLETE employees strive to give back.

Here are just a couple of ways we do that.


Global Running Day

Global Running DayGlobal Running Day is something our office celebrates every year by (you guessed it) running. This year we took it a step further (see what we did there?) and decided to give back based on the mileage everyone in the office ran that day. The challenge was posed to everyone in the company -- for every mile you run on June 1st, 2016 imATHLETE will make a donation to a local nonprofit. Most employees took imATHLETE up on that challenge and collectively we ran enough miles to donate a good chunk of change to local charities. In the end, our employees averaged about three miles of running on Global Running Day. Not too shabby when it all goes to a good cause!


Community Engagement Volunteer Program

All imATHLETE employees are eligible to participate in our Community Engagement Volunteer Program. This program allows for each employee to take one work day per quarter to volunteer at a local non-profit. Most employees take advantage of this benefit as it pushes everyone toward a positive work-life balance (and hey, it's fun!). Here are some excerpts from volunteer experiences during Q2:


Lindsay, Business Analyst/Junior Product Manager

ArielleLindsay spent her day at No Kill Los Angeles (NKLA) where she has volunteered for the past year and a half. An avid animal enthusiast, Lindsay also has volunteered at NKLA’s parent organization, Best Friends LA. In her own words...

I helped out with the dogs yesterday and went on a ton of walks. This obviously helps with their overall health, but it also helps the dogs be on their best behavior when meeting potential adopters. I also spent some in-kennel time with some boisterous and shy dogs. This gets them used to their future day-to-day lives once they get adopted.”


Dana, Director of Sales

Dana, Director of SalesDana spent her day at Walk MS in San Diego helping with the registration and packet pick-up area. Now a pro with a staple gun, Dana made sure the area looked presentable and was ready for the thousands of participants to come and pick up their packets. In her own words...

“It always feels good to give back but especially for this particular event. One of my good friends Mom's has MS and I have been there by her side throughout her mom's disease. It has been so sad to see her deterioration and understanding more about what this disease is and how it impacts you has made it very personal for me. I was so happy to be part of the event and help out in any way that I could. The walk is actually a free event and they rely heavily on donations/fundraising. Thousands of people came out to support this cause! It was great to see so many families out there walking and being a part of the event.”


Emma, Director of Operations

Emma, Director of OperationsEmma is a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and has been a big sister now for almost three years. Emma took her volunteer day to spend time with her little sister while she was on Spring Break. In her own words…

“I knew she likely wouldn't have too many fun activities planned, if any, so I decided to take her out on a Spring Break day of fun. She loves going to the movies, so we started there, seeing Zootopia (highly recommend -- I may or may not have cried). Then we went to Sky Zone, a giant trampoline warehouse, which was AWESOME. Then, given the choice of any restaurant in LA, she wanted to go to Sizzler for dinner. All in all it was a good day and I know that she appreciated getting to go out and spend a day doing fun stuff on her break.”

These are just a couple of ways we give back every year. To hear more from employees on what they enjoy about the Community Engagement Volunteer Program and other imATHLETE benefits, visit the Employee Benefits page of our website.

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