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Jeff Matlow
July 07, 2015

SITE ENHANCEMENTS! Club Membership, Rapid Reg, New Design and more!

fireworksInspired by the 4th of July, we're setting off some fireworks of our own over here at imATHLETE.  And by fireworks, I mean our developers are a bunch of firecrackers dropping bomb-like features on us and blowing our minds like explosions in the sky.

OK, OK... I'll admit, that was weak.  In fact, I'm embarrassed I wrote it.  What I'm not embarassed about is this release that is going to bring a smile to the face of every event organizer and club manager.  Club membership management,  a shiny brand new look to registration, a new rapid/expo registration option and much more.  Check it out. 



club_membershipWe work with loads of clubs and membership-based organizations... and we feel their pain. Whether you're a running club, triathlon club, swim club or any other kind of club organizer - it's time to rejoice!  imATHLETE's Club Membership Management gives you automated renewal reminders, online renewals, membership reporting and more.  

Just set it up, relax and forget about managing memberships.  See how easy that is? 



fast_laneRapid Registration makes the great imATHLETE online registration experience even greater, by making it faster.  This is perfect for expo or event-day registrations.  Participants can sign up very quickly with no merchandise upsell and no registering multiple people.  That means more registrations and more money in your pocket with a fraction of the work... what's not to love?!

Learn how to enable Rapid Registration here!


painterThe imATHLETE registration process underwent some very successful cosmetic surgery.  It's now younger, thinner and all 'round more sexy.  We've tweaked the registration flow and made it even easier for all your mobile registrants.  Exciting news for the aesthete athletes among us!  

See what your registration page looks like now.



You can now deliver invitation codes with distinct URL's.  Even more, if you have a discount attached to an Invite Code it will automatically apply - no need for the participant to remember any code!  As if that's not enough, classes that are unlocked with an invitation code are highlighted and as clear as a summer day in Southern California.  

What's this invitation code business all about?  Learn more here.



Oh yes, there's more...   

* You can edit hidden custom question responses in Participant Details   

* Track event merchandise views/conversions with two new reports:  1) Merchandise Views and Purchases, and 2) Click-To-Purchase Conversions   

* Generate Membership reports   

* View event waiver change history, including date and time stamps


These new features have come from your feedback and suggestions.  Thank you thank you thank you!  We'd love to know what you think and anything else you'd like to tell us about imATHLETE.  Drop us an email




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