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Jeff Matlow
August 18, 2015

SITE ENHANCEMENTS! Auto-Apply Codes, Charity Access and more


imATHLETE was raised on the rough streets of Santa Monica, California. And when I say "rough", I mean "sunny and 80s".  That type of perfect environment hardens you up in a constant struggle to achieve business perfection. Our business perfection, as it turns out, is directly correlated to your business perfection.  And that's why our ideas about site enhancements come from people like you - or people who look a lot like you, but not nearly as good looking.

This month we're bringing you another release that is a chock-full of awesomeness. Auto-Apply Invitation Codes + Discounts,  a shiny brand new look to event pages, a new charity/partner data access level and so much more.  Check it out. 



If you're using invitation codes, your life just got a whole lot better.  If you're using invitation codes AND discount codes, then you best sit down because your legs are about to get weak and we wouldn't want you to faint and bash your face on the recycling bin.No_Invitation_Codes

1. You know how participants need to enter invitation codes in the invitation code box?  Well, not anymore.  You can send out invitation codes as distinct URL's that automatically open the relevant registration classes.

   Example:  Invitation Code = AWESOMESPONSOR15

Regular URL: 

Invitation Code URL:          

2. Oh, and as you saw if you clicked the links above, we now put the newly appeared Class in bold and in red.

3. As if items 1 and 2 aren't enough, you can now connect a discount code directly to an invitation code so the discount automatically applies.  No need to give the user two codes.  In fact, no need to give them any code at all.  The URL will do just fine.



Who amongst us needs to send reports to our partners?  For those of you raising your hands, how many of you need to download data, split up the relevant data between separate excel spreadsheets and send them to each of the partners?  Well, while your hands are up in the air you might want to just utter a "Hallelujah" or something of the sort.

limited_access.jpgimATHLETE now lets you give your partners exclusive access to log in and view only their participant info on imATHLETE. They can't edit data, they can't change anything, they can't see reporting or anything else - all they can do is view and download the participant information related to their company.  Cool, eh?  Yeah, we thought so too.

The information they can see is dependent on the answer to a custom question.  For instance, if the question is:  "What is your favorite charity?" and answer options are "Charity 1", "Charity 2" and "Charity 3".  Then you can give "Charity 1" access to login and view/download their Charity 1 participants only.  Same with Charity 2 and Charity 3 for their respective participants.


Last release we redesigned our registration pages.  This time around we gave our event pages a little makeover to make it easier to navigate, easier to view, more streamlined and more updated.  And better.  They're much better.  Go to your event page(s) for the appropriate oohs and aahs.



cusomtizeAs you probably know, the Announcement + Notifications section of our site allows you to put your own messaging on registration pages, on receipts, on participant lists and more.  And speaking of more, we just added more places for you to add custom messaging!  The more info you add, the fewer questions your participants will send to your inbox.  Check 'er out here.



Oh yes, there's more...   

* OTHER REPORTS are now on their very own page.  If you haven't visited the other reports, you are missing out on some really cool info (did somebody say "Social Shares"?)

* HIDE FUTURE PRICE LEVELS on the main registration page   

* VIEW PARTICIPANT RECEIPTS directly from Participant Details   

* VIEW FUNDRAISING REPORTING by team or individual fundraiser


Thank you for all your amazing suggestions!  We'd love to know what you think and anything else you'd like to tell us about imATHLETE.  Drop us an email




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