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Cortney Martin
April 19, 2018

Manage Relay Team Legs In One Click

Relay VanLet's face it, not everybody does everything as spot-on as you.  This is especially true if you put on a running relay - or any type of relay with multiple legs. The team captain isn't always paying attention.  They may cancel team members and not add another. They may change legs around, stop halfway and not come back.  Well, we’ve solved the problem.

As all you relay race companies know, imATHLETE already allows:
  • each team member to select their relay leg during registration 
  • legs that have already been selected are greyed out during registration
  • each team *captain* to manage and edit the relay legs for their team members
It’s easy.  It’s awesome.
And we’ve just made it better.
Select Team
Sometimes the relay legs aren’t as clean and complete as they should be because, as we established above, not everybody is perfect.
No need to fear.  In one click you can now see every relay team and their relay leg status:
  • which teams have duplicate legs?
  • which teams have unassigned relay legs?
  • which legs are unassigned for each team?
The data is wrapped up in a report appropriately called Relay Leg Status.  Catchy, eh?
All the data is there.  And what’s even better… you can use imATHLETE's marketing automations (from our event registration CRM suite of services) to better manage team registrations. 
Check out the Relay Leg Status report - its a must for everyone putting on a running relay. 




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