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Kaila Luttrell
February 14, 2016

SITE ENHANCEMENTS! Social Media and Mobile Updates, Team Reporting, and More

Valentine's Day is today and boy do we have some treats for you! We're not talking hearts and flowers or boxes of chocolate here, but rather a bundle of sweet new features designed to drive more registrations and make your life easier.

In this release: more social media shares, Facebook invites, mobile updates, sign up page facelift, and improved team reports.



It’s now even easier for athletes to shout from their digital rooftops that they’ve signed up for your event. Social shares work remarkably well in inspiring friends to get it in gear and go sign up. Share buttons are now conveniently located in these places:

  • Confirmation pagesocial_media_buttons.jpg

  • Manage Registration page

  • Profile page

  • Email receipt

 PS - Did you know that you can add hashtags to Twitter shares? Learn more here.



Athletes with an imATHLETE account can invite friends to join our platform and see which events they’ve signed up for. facebook.pngScience has basically proven* that registration envy = more registrations! We’ve added one more way for imATHLETE users to send out their invites. Now available via email or Facebook.

* This claim has not been peer reviewed and may be based entirely upon anecdotal evidence



Our mobile site and the latest iOS update have gone to IOS.jpgcouples counseling,  and they’ve agreed to reconcile their differences. As a result, your online registration pages and the site search now appear at their very best on mobile Apple devices.  



Perhaps being located in a city of neverending plastic surgery drives a compulsion to continually bring aesthetic enhancements to the site. Whatever the reason, we’ve given imATHLETE account signup pages a facelift. imA_Signup_Page.jpg 


We <3 reports. In fact, we less-than-3 them so much that we jump at the chance to build on and improve them. As such, team captains are now identified in the Team Summary and Team Details reports. Learn more about Other Reports here. 



 We’ve crafted these new features using your feedback and suggestions as our guidelines, so thank you for sending us your thoughts! We’d love to hear what you think about these updates and your experience with imATHLETE in general. Let us know!

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