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Cortney Martin
July 26, 2018

Views from the imATHLETE Team Summit


Yeehaw!!! We are fresh off of the imATHLETE Team Summit and feeling extra super-charged!. When we say we are a team, we mean it. We depend on one another to accomplish our goals, to innovate, and to serve our clients. It's not just a trendy word we throw around. We rely on each other...and we like each other! 

We convened in-person at HQ in Culver City (Los Angeles area) for a few days of work and play. It was all marvelously organized by Operations Coordinator Dachelle (below right, with Jr. Client Success Manager Eileen)


For a bit of context, our company supports flexible/remote work, and we have several team members who are fully remote. We are together online daily, but being physically together for a few days is the best!! And that's what we do in the annual imATHLETE Team Summit.

This is post is our scrapbook from the imATHLETE Team Summit! (It's admittedly long, but we had 200+ collective photos.)

The group picture at the top of this post was taken at Marina del Rey, where we recruited a bystander to take the group photo. I guess we were all just too energetic for a super clear shot ;-)

So we took our energy to the "track!"


CEO Jeff, Business Analyst/Jr. Product Manager Lindsay, Operations Coordinator Dachelle, Sr. Account Executive Patti, Marketing Manager Cortney, Jr. Client Success Manager Eileen, Controller K$

Not that it was a race or anything... (that would be me - I just can't help myself!)


The best way to cool down after a the shortest race ever is by moving M&Ms into a cup with a straw, in relay fashion. Then follow that up with various other challenges involving balloons, eggs, and cups!

IMG_5976Sr. Business Analyst Chris, Business Analyst/Jr. Product Manager Lindsay, 
Sr. Account Executive Patti, and Jr. Client Success Manager Eileen

Knowing how good we are at deciphering the most cryptic clues received in the support queues at imATHLETE, we tried our hand at the local Escape rooms. Collectively, our two teams solved three rooms in one hour. You can confidently bring us your stickiest problems (or histograms or combination locks) and we'll sort them out, no problem-o. 

Team_Summit_imATHLETE__Escape Room

We also tackled an important mission at the Redondo Beach Pier that required specialized safety gear:


Office Manager / Athlete Support Specialist Maribeth, Marketing Manager Cortney, Operations Coordinator Dachelle, Jr. Client Success Manager Eileen, Sr. Account Executive Patti, Controller Kevin

Pedal boating! Some enjoyed cruising..


Controller Kevin and Operations Coordinator Dachelle

...while the two cyclists opted for workout mode and headed to the harbor wall to look for sea lions.


Sr. Account Exec Patti and Marketing Manager Cortney

We didn't find any. We somehow missed this whole flotilla of sea lions nearby that we saw later. They were so cute -- to look at anyway. Their wafting aroma was another story.




We saw these guys too:


It was not all play and no work! We did this too:


But we took breaks for bits of office fun. At one point, and without warning, we had to draw a self-portrait, then share with the group. So.much.pressure!

CEO Jeff shows the out-of-the-box thinking that makes him an awesome leader and innovator! (I'm hoping to share more of our sketches later.)


We each wrote out three facts we thought others would not know about us and the other team had to guess who they matched up to. We of course matched them all correctly, but we still learned a few interesting tidbits! Among us are a belly dancer, table tennis player, and someone who has lived in 9 countries. 


Sr. Account Executive Patti and Business Analyst/Jr. Product Manager Lindsay

At one point, we got to work making babies - out of Play-Doh of course! We were celebrating the anticipated arrival of the newest member of the imATHLETE 0-5 age group. 


Are you exhausted from our Team Summit yet? We weren't!! Next up was a scavenger hunt in the area of the Santa Monica Pier. If you haven't done a scavenger hunt in the last 40 years, let me just say it's very different and way more fun! We worked in teams to answer questions and get photographic evidence of our team at various locations. It was a very cool way to explore the area and get some fun photos! 

Water_Cobra_65397Director of Engineering Andrew, Sr. Business Analyst Chris, Business Analyst/Jr. Product Manager Lindsay, Client Success Manager "Alumna" Monica. 

Image from iOS

Office Manager / Athlete Support Specialist Maribeth, Marketing Manager Cortney, Software QA Associate Gio, Jr. Client Success Manager Eileen, Controller K$

If you've made it all the way to the bottom of this, thank you!

The imATHLETE Team Summit wasn't about just having fun. It was about slowing down to have the conversations and shared experiences that enable us to function together so well! That's what allows us to put our best selves forward in helping the clients and athletes of imATHLETE. We are here for you!

If you are interested in joining the imATHLETE team, check out our career opportunities here


"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
~ Ferris Bueller



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