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Cortney Martin
June 13, 2018

Updated Social Sharing Popup to Tell More Friends

You've clicked the final button to submit your imATHLETE event registration. A great surge of personal energy wells up. You've felt it, right? You can't contain it. You want to spread that enthusiasm to family and friends. Up comes the social sharing popup! Perfect! 

We want to encourage such sharing.

Are you old enough to remember the shampoo commercial with the happy shampooer who "told two friends, who told two friends, and so on" showing how quickly the number of shampooers grew? Word-of-mouth takes on an even more powerful meaning (35 years after that commercial) with the amplification of social media and email. We are always thinking about ways to boost that sharing even more. 

So, we've updated the Social Sharing Popup to encourage your participants to tell their 500 friends who can tell their 500 friends (ideally) and so on! They are subtle changes, but we pay attention to details like this so you don't have to.

Social Sharing Popup Enhanced

What's changed?

Well, our messaging is more action-oriented with "Send it." We've updated the font and we've increased the font size for improved visibility.

Wondering who is sharing?

Access your Participant Referral Report to see who is spreading the word and to identify your top ambassadors.

To get to that report, just click registration report to the right of your event name in the Event Summary tab. Then from the registration report page, use the dropdown at the top right to select Other Reports. There you will find the Participant Referral Report (along with about three dozen other great gems)! 

What can you do with this?

Use this information to incentivize and reward top event ambassadors as they use their energy and excitement to encourage others to register.

Races are way more fun to talk about than shampoo.

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