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Cortney Martin
June 11, 2018

Easy Access to Unsigned Waiver links

waiver-sigWaivers may be looked at as just a formality (or nuisance) by participants, but they are an important legal agreement between the participant and the event company addressing risk and perhaps media rights, cancellation policies, and expectations. 

Each participant must sign.

When participants register other (adults) by proxy...

"Hey, let's all do this marathon together! (possible sound of clinking glasses)"

...each athlete must sign/initial the waiver themselves. 

We provide the tools to obtain those signatures. First, the proxy registration triggers an automated email requesting the waiver signature with a link. Second, RDs can send a followup email (top left of participant detail grid, shown below) for all or select unsigned waivers. 

That doesn't guarantee responses from everyone.

So, some RDs have suggested a third option, which is to reach out to athletes using their own email tools and branding. We made that happen - we've given easy access to the Unsigned Waiver Links from the Participant Detail grid. 

  1. Click Select Columns to (pro tip: select Check All followed by Uncheck All to then select just the columns you need.)
  2. Select Unsigned Waiver Link along with other pertinent information (e.g. First Name, Last Name, email address, Waiver Signed Date). Click Apply. 
  3. Export. Now you can work with these as you wish. (pro tip: sort on Waiver Signed Date to group unsigned waivers.)


The Unsigned Waiver Link takes the participant directly to their waiver:


One click (and some initials) and their waiver is signed.

And you are protected. 

And in case you think all waivers are boring, you might enjoy this one 

Have other ideas for features? Let us know at

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