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Randolph Garcia
June 28, 2016

Make Fundraising Great Again!


CrowdRiseThis post comes from the desk of our Account Manager Randy Garcia. Randy (and all our Account Managers) have a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective from a wide variety of events across the country and industry. Which means their know-how is incredibly valuable when it comes to giving pointers on how to grow your brand, grow your revenue, and reduce your workload. Without further ado... Randy.


“If you don’t give back no one will like you.” (And we all know how devastating it can be to have no “likes”.) All jokes aside, that’s CrowdRise’s slogan and a perfect snapshot of how they use a playful and fun tone to put the fun back in fundraising. Yes, they want to Make Fundraising Great Again!  

If you’re not already familiar with CrowdRise then you need to know that they are the country’s top fundraising site for charitable and personal causes. Why should that matter to you? Well, they are a leader in event fundraising and work with thousands of events across the country to help event organizers raise money for millions of charities.  


imATHLETE + CrowdRise Partnership

imATHLETE + CrowdRise PartnershipimATHLETE has partnered with CrowdRise to integrate their fundraising platform into our race registration software for a seamless experience where athletes can now register for an event and instantly have their own fundraising page created. No longer will nonprofits have to chase after athletes to get them to register and then chase them again to get them to create a fundraising page!

This integration is a big step toward putting charity fundraising at the forefront of what event organizers are doing in the endurance industry. We know that charity fundraising continues to grow. With this growth comes the assessment that event organizers need more robust fundraising capabilities as the industry continues to evolve and become more sophisticated with its fundraising and charity components. Partnering with CrowdRise provides event organizers those tools within their online race registration -- it’s a win-win


Past Methods Should Remain...In the Past

In the past, fundraising races had the problem that there was no central fundraising platform that could be used to aggregate all of the money fundraised on behalf of nonprofits. Part of the problem was that each nonprofit had their own way of collecting funds so there was never a place that you could go to see how much was collectively raised by the event. There was also no effective way to engage athletes in the fundraising process short of copy/pasting a link to a plain page with a “donate” button. This fractured approach limited the impact your event had both from a dollars raised and social responsibility perspective.

CrowdRise Donation Page

CrowdRise aggregates all fundraising dollars associated with event to show the full amount that event has raised.


The emergence of CrowdRise in the earlier part of this decade has really changed the game with respect to how fundraising within endurance events is managed. Gone are the days of using archaic, bare-bones fundraising technology or relying on the registration provider to provide a basic fundraising interface! Enter CrowdRise with its modern, fun, and innovative approach to fundraising and suddenly every nonprofit can raise funds under an event umbrella that shows the total amount the event has raised. Having all of that information in one place only makes your event look better!


Benefits of CrowdRise

In this digital age, CrowdRise has doubled-down and created a product that taps directly into the fastest growing segment of personal giving, online fundraising. With the ability to create peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, join one of many fundraising challenges/contests, and collect rewards program prizes, you can now empower athletes to raise money in a fun and interactive way. By making it extremely easy to create a visually and emotionally compelling campaign, CrowdRise is giving nonprofits and events all the tools to add value to their fundraising efforts. As I said before, no longer can you throw a logo on a white background with boilerplate text and expect to maximize your donations!

Not only have they creatively changed the game with fundraising, CrowdRise also has some of the lowest fees in the business meaning that nonprofits are able to put more of the money donated into their own pocket. And because that’s not enough, they also have the option to select a payment processor that will give them their donations in real-time! It’s easy to understand why CrowdRise has been able to attract many industry heavyweight clients the TCS New York City Marathon, John Hancock and the Boston Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, Ironman and Tough Mudder.


Get Started!

Get StartedSo you’re probably either chomping at the bit to get integrated or intrigued and just need that final push. So let me nudge you along. There are over 1.5 million charities that are supported on CrowdRise. That means that the 501(c)3 that you work with is likely already listed and ready for you to integrate into your event registration. Once that is set up, you will have the option to require all of your athletes to create a fundraising page or make it optional. The beauty of this is that it is all done instantly and automatically. With the in-between step eliminated you will hopefully be able to spend more time recruiting new athletes and less time re-recruiting your athletes to create a fundraising page. With CrowdRise’s dynamic fundraising approach, hopefully that means more money in the charity’s pocket and more “likes” for you!

Learn how to get integrated here.

Click here for more information about moving your events over to imATHLETE.

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