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Patti Rosenthal
June 29, 2018

Club Membership + Event Signup - Streamlines + Supercharges!

Sealegsphoto courtesy of Mohegan Striders of New London, Connecticut

We are not only an amazingly powerful and flexible event registration technology. Did you know we are also a club membership platform?

Think of it as a beautiful form of symbiosis.

Like bees and flowers. Like African oxpeckers and zebras (yeah we Googled that one). Or even dogs and humans!

With both event registration and club membership on the same platform, it means integration and streamlining of processes and communication. That means YOUR job is easier AND it opens new channels for revenue! Think of it as a turbocharge for both the club and your events! Let's take a look at some of the advantages.

Centralized hub.
Enjoy a centralized membership and event registration platform that gives members and participants (and you) a common look-and-feel. 

imATHLETE Membership Platform


Simple e-commerce and donation platform. Manage merchandise, tickets, and charitable contributions from one storefront. Upsell merchandise during both event registration and during new or renewing memberships. Sell more stuff! 

imATHLETE Membership Platform 6

Flexible Registration Types and Fees. Set up a structure that works for you.



Automated membership renewal notifications. All you have to do is specify the timing for automated trigger emails. Do you want them sent before, concurrent with, or after the time of expiration? Set it and forget it!

imATHLETE Membership Platform 7


Upsell events to members, Upsell memberships to event registrants. Provide multi-event discounts and discounted rates to members.

Communicate with members using our email manager.  There's no email list to maintain, it's always current! Reach out to members regarding upcoming events, closing dates, meeting reminders, or calls for volunteers. 

Customized membership forms. Use Custom questions to learn more about your membership base. Find out their preference for types of events, preferred meeting day, willingness to volunteer, or special skills they could contribute to the group.

imATHLETE Membership Platform 4


Reach members by text message... Meeting cancelled due to snow? Text messaging is an easy way to get the word out fast and directly - with a near 100% open rate!

Seamless integration.

imATHLETE Membership Platform 5

Get started!

Are you ready to enable the Club Membership platform on your account? Reach out to us at and we will get you up and running!

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