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Jeff Matlow
April 10, 2019

Mobile vs Desktop Registration: The Data That's Important

Mobile Registration Industry Standard-ish

Do you sometimes wonder how many people are registering for your event on mobile vs registering on a desktop?  60%-ish.  There's your answer.

Depending on the event and the month, somewhere between 58% and 72% of your participants will register via a mobile device.  It doesn't fluctuate between any of the major registration companies.  

Why will it fluctuate?  If you are putting on an event with an average age above, say, 55 years old, you'll most likely have more registrations on desktop than mobile.  If most of your participants are younger than, say, 25, most of your registrations will be on mobile.   It's just about the generation gap and comfort with using technology.

imATHLETE online registration mobile vs desktop

The Mobile Usage Data That's Important

Understanding the breakout of total mobile usage is one thing. But that and a quarter can't even buy you a cuppa coffee.  The data that is more impactful for your overall marketing plan is how that mobile usage is broken down by participant type.

imATHLETE mobile registration for sports eventsWhat are women doing differently than men?  What are 34 years olds doing differently than 41 year olds?

By understanding the behavior broken down by gender and age group, you can better cater your marketing communication to that specific demographic.  For instance, if you're marketing to 60 year old men, you probably shouldn't show registration on mobile if most are doing it on desktop.  Whereas a younger, 20 or 30 something female crowd strives to stay connected with each other via mobile.  Hence, promoting that small screen experience is important for them.


Registration Method Data

To help you make better decisions, imATHLETE quickly built a Registration Method report.  You can select any of your events and immediately see the breakdown of registrations by
  • device (mobile vs desktop)
  • gender (male vs female)
  • age group (a lot of them)
Getting your data is pretty simple.  See the nifty image below to learn more about your participants' behavior when it comes to mobile vs desktop online registration.  Or go here to learn about the massive amounts of data imATHLETE provides you to help you grow your business.

 Registration Method Report imATHLETE online registration

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