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Cortney Martin
June 21, 2018

Need a race team name? We got 'em!

Deciding to enter a race or event as a team is often much easier than the next part: agreeing on a team name. There's a lot wrapped up in that name! Are you going for humor? Do you want to convey confidence? Is it for a cause? Is originality important? 


What kind of team names do people come up with?

We wondered too, so we took a look at the top 100 team names entered into the imATHLETE registration system from January 2017 through May 2018.

We noticed that the team names fell into three types of categories:

  • Affiliated 
  • Non-affiliated
  • Didn't try very hard

Didn't Try Very Hard

Let's knock this category out first. These team names (more like no-names) don't show the greatest amount of effort. Maybe they are saving all the effort for the race course? Anyway, we saw more than a few teams named TBD, A Team, B Team, and Team. Yes, just Team. As in "Go Team!"

Affiliated Team Names

These are associated with an organization or cause. You'll see what we mean with some examples.

The most popular affiliated team was also the most popular team across all categories: Team RWB. Team RWB which is an organization for military veterans that focuses on physical well-being. Also high on the list was TNT  (Team in Training), in which members train and race for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

We saw a number of commercial teams in this category including KPMG, Wells Fargo, Medtronic, and Allina Health. Way to go corporate wellness! Lastly, we noted teams stemming from groups like Moms On the Run, MRTT (Moms Run This Town), and Girls on the Run. It's fantastic to see community-based teams (in-person or virtual) come together at races! 

Unaffiliated Team Names

Our third category is the Wild West of team names - anything goes! And goes, and goes. We present to you, the Unaffiliated (or at least not clearly affiliated) and DID Try team names from our top-100 list along with the number of instances in parenthesis. 

  • Sole Sisters (28)
  • Not Fast, Just Furious (24 in its various forms of capitalization and punctuation)
  • We Thought They Said RUM / I thought they said Rum (22)
  • Scrambled Legs (20)
  • Worst PACE Scenario (20) 
  • Your Pace Or Mine? (20 with and without the ?)
  • Chafing the dream (19)
  • Run Like the Winded (18)
  • Team Awesome (17)
  • Dynamic Duo (14)
  • Are We There Yet? (12)
  • The Young and the Breathless (11)
  • Sole Mates (11)
  • Double Trouble (11)
  • Happy Feet (10)
  • Sisters with Blisters (10)
  • Jacket Backers (9)
  • Twisted Sisters (9)
  • Cirque de Sore Legs (9)
  • Blister Sisters (9)
  • Team Turtle (9)
  • Crazy Mudder Muckers (9)
  • Golden Girls (8)
  • Wonder Women (8)
  • Undertrained and Overconfident (8)
  • Crazy Train (8)
  • Team Altitude (8)
  • Here for the Beer (8)
  • Got the runs (8)
  • Warriors (7)
  • Victorious Secret (7)
  • Worst game of tag EVER (7)
  • Kicking Asphalt (7)
  • Runaway Moms (7)
  • Wolf Pack (7)
  • The Young and the Rest of Us (7)
  • First Timers (7)
  • We Are Family (7)
  • Wolfpack (7)
  • Running on Empty (7)
  • A Team Has No Name (7)
  • Premature Acceleration (7)
  • Drinkers with a Running Problem (6)
  • Panthers (6)
  • Hot 2 Trot (6)
  • Coast Busters (6)
  • Drug Runners (6)
  • Agony of de feet (6)
  • Easier Said Than Run (6)
  • Soul Sisters (6)
  • Will Run For Wine (6)
  • Just For Fun (6)
  • What the Hill? (6)
  • Road runners (6)
  • Pimp my Stride (6)
  • Lincoln Logs (5)
  • Heart and Sole (5)

If you are stuck for a team name, there's no shame in using one of these tried-and-true options. Because then at least you tried, that's true.

If you go with TBD, just note that doesn't look so great on a bib.

Get a name! Have fun with it. Let us know your favorite team name! 


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