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Cortney Martin
April 23, 2019

Use Flat Rate Shipping Options to Help Load the Cart

166925-Kittens-In-A-BoxWho can resist the charm of a USPS Flat Rate shipping box, and the challenge of maximizing that volume to see what will fit? Well, we have brought the fun of Flat Rate shipping to your merchandise at imATHLETE! 

Consider this. Per-item, it's almost certainly going to be more expensive to ship out a single item, than to send out two, or three, or more. So if you charge that one-off shipping rate for each and every item, it could be a deterrent to the athlete who is anxious to stock up on race gear but has an eye on mounting shipping costs. 

Flat rate shipping to the rescue!

Now you can choose flat rate shipping OR per-item shipping for each of your items.

To explore, select Merchandise Manager from your left-hand menu bar on the RD Dashboard. Then click the second tab to set your Flat Rate shipping tiers. 

Do that like so:



Keep in mind that shipping of Flat Rate items is capped at that highest shipping tier. That means, if an athlete orders all flat-rate shipping items, and LOTS of them, they won't get charged more for shipping than that top tier shipping price. It's especially important if you are extending flat-rate shipping to your commemorative bowling balls and anvils!


You choose. You can select flat rate shipping or per-item shipping for each merchandise item:



That's all there is to it, but if you'd like more detail, you can check out our Knowledge Base article here!

(Fun fact: USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes were introduced in 2004.) 


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