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Kaila Luttrell
February 14, 2017

NEW: Registration Protection Program (aka participant insurance)

imATHLETE + Allianz Global Assistance Offer Registration InsuranceAs an event organizer, how many refund requests do you see every day? Every week? Year? It’s a lot, right? I know this because we receive hundreds of these requests from athletes every week.

What if you could say goodbye to refunds forever because all of your athletes have the opportunity to buy registration insurance?

Now you can!

We are confetti-falling-from-the-ceiling excited to announce that imATHLETE and Allianz Global Assistance have partnered up to offer your athletes our Registration Protection Program (aka participant insurance). 

What’s Covered

Allianz Global Assistance covers online registration cancellation due to illness, injury, normal pregnancy, military duty, transportation delays, employer termination, and more. Not only does this cover most cancellation scenarios, it also saves your athletes the time and difficulty that comes from inventing those ever more creative stories behind their refund requests. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Athletes pay $7.99 or 6.75% of the cost of registration, whichever is greater. Just like Event Cancellation Coverage, there is no cost to you (the event organizer) or your event in order to offer this option. (Translation: no downside!)


How Do Athletes Purchase It?

Once you’ve enabled this option in your event setup, your athletes can purchase registration protection after adding your event's online race registration to their cart and before checking out.

Allianz Global Assistance will charge the athlete separately (athletes will not be charged by imATHLETE, will not see coverage listed on their imATHLETE race registration receipt, and will see a separate charge from Allianz Global Marketplace on their credit card).

You have nothing to lose. What are you waiting for?

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