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Cortney Martin
June 25, 2018

No-Effort Emailing with Automations

laundryIsn't it awesome when things get done and you don't have to lift a finger? Like when the laundry fairy washes, folds, and puts away your clothes? Oh - bad example. That never happens. But imATHLETE's automated trigger emails DO.

These are timely and relevant notifications that are sent automatically to participants or contacts based on specific conditions.

We'll explain with some examples. Here are seven trigger emails we have set up and ready to go:

1. Abandoned Registration Trigger - Email is triggered to a prospective registrant when they have started their registration but haven't completed it within 24 hours. We send them a link to continue their registration from where they stopped. Here's what that looks like:

abandoned cart trigger email imATHLETE

2. Edit Registration Trigger  - Email is triggered 10 days prior to the Edit Registration close date. This reminds participants to double-check the details of their registration and update if necessary.

3. Class Change TriggerEmail is triggered a 10 days before the Class Change close date letting participants know the class change window is closing.

4. Unsigned Waiver Trigger Email is triggered 14 days before the event date to remind participants to sign their waiver prior to the event.

5. Event at Capacity Trigger - Email is triggered when an upgraded event (one that is carried forward from the previous year(s)) has a registration limit and is at 80% of that limit. We email previous years' participants, who haven't yet registered for this year's event, and alert them that the event is almost sold out and they should register.

6. Transfer Request Follow Up Trigger - Email is triggered 5 days after a transfer is initiated, if it has not been completed, to remind them to complete the transfer.

7. Incomplete Transfer Trigger - Email is triggered 14 days prior to the event date and sent to transfer recipients who haven't completed their registration.


We can also create customized triggers by request. Here are some examples:

  • Alert non-registered past participants to let them know of an approaching price increase 
  • Invite specific registrants to sign up for a challenge (multiple events)
  • Communicate to participants who have registered for x number of events (special offer, etc)
  • Message first-time participants
  • Email participants named "Steve" 

To set up automated trigger emails just email us at and let us know which to enable. These can ease your workload and enhance your communication.

As for other kinds of emails, you always have access to the powerful and flexible imATHLETE email manager. With that, you can email participants, past participants, or specific registration classes with your personal message. 

We can't do your laundry, but we can set up automated trigger notifications so you have more time to enjoy (!) your laundry!

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