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Eileen LaMontagne
June 14, 2018

Online Transfers are a Win-Win-Win

transferThis is part of our Featured Features series!  I wanted to get in on the action with one of my favorite features: online registration transfers.

It has happened to all of us - we plan, we register, we train, we get super excited for our favorite event. Then work, family commitments, or even an injury comes between us and the start line. Now we’re left with a registration for an event that we can’t make it to, but someone else can!

Enabling online transfers for your event can give your participant options when life happens. And, the registration hand-off has the added bonus of bringing new athletes to your event - athletes you can wow and turn into repeat participants. The best part is, after you enable online transfers you don’t have to do anything to make them happen. (and no refund hassles!)

It’s a Win-Win.

No. Wait. It's more of a Win-Win-Win*

So how can you enable online transfers? It’s essentially two steps - you do one, we do the other!

Step One: Create your transfer classes. These are hidden classes that collect important information for the transfer recipient, such as registration details and participant waivers. You know, the essentials. You can also add a transfer fee here, if you’d like.

Transfers classes are created under Classes + Categories in event setup. We’re made this process a little easier by providing a copy option.


To create your transfer classes simply:

  1. Copy the original class
  2. Change the class name
  3. Hide that class (this will ensure standard participants can’t register as a transfer recipient)
  4. Update the registration dates and prices under the ‘Price Levels’ tab

For step-by-step instructions and screenshot examples of this process, check out our Help Article here

Step Two: Email us to let us know! This is where you pass the ball off to us. Got your transfer classes created? Great! Send us an email at to let us know. We’ll review those classes (we make a really good extra pair of eyes), and enable online transfers for your event.

Step two is very important, if you don’t let us know you’ve created those transfer classes we won’t know to enable them. We’re working on those mind reading skills, but until then, we really need that email. Those transfers will only become available after they are enabled by us.

Once we get those enabled on the back end, participants can go online to Manage Registration. Here’s how the transfer works for them.

There are only a few constraints - transfers can not be enabled for hidden classes, relay classes, or USAT-associated events.

Got questions, or need to enable your event transfers? We’d love to hear from you! Please send either myself or Dachelle an email at

* transferer, transferee, RD

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