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Cortney Martin
March 12, 2018

Increased announcement character count of online registration form to 5000

You know that space above the first page of your online registration form, the part where you can add additional info, images, links and, well, basically anything you want?

RegAnnouncement.pngIf you don't know that space, it means you're probably not using it.  Quick tip:

- From your dashboard's left nav, click "Marketing" and select "Announcements"
- Select your event and then for location, choose "Registration: 1st Page"

You can also go here to learn more.

Well, to get to my point, it seems a lot of event directors are using that section for some really creative best practice type of stuff, like promoting merchandise, ensuring everybody knows the refund/transfer policies, promoting other events and more.  Due to popular demand, we've increased the character count there to 5,000.  So go nuts.




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