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Cortney Martin
March 13, 2018

Set the minimum and maximum team size for event registration


RelayTeamMinMax.pngAs many of you know, we give you the ability to set a minimum and maximum size for relay teams (when you go to Event Setup --> Classes + Categories, and edit/setup a Class, you'll see the ability to set min/max size)..

We now have the ability for you to create a maximum team size for non-relay teams.  Follow the same steps as above and all you have to do is enter the number that caps the team size.


Once a team has reached capacity, future online registrants will see that the team is full and will not be able to join the team.  And, yes, if somebody cancels from the event, their team spot is vacated allowing another person to join and take their spot.

For those of you reading this and getting nervous because you aren't capping your team size and you don't know why you should or would, don't be nervous.  If you can't think of why you would set up a maximum size team... don't.  Most race directors will set up maximum size teams for a few different reasons, most of which revolve around the fact that they are having a team relay but want the flexibility of not requiring all participants to be signed up at once.



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