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Jeff Matlow
April 07, 2020

Paris Bans Jogging

La Merde est Devenue Réelle

I keep talking with different people in different corners of the United States who tell me about all the runners they see out in their neighborhood.  It seems the huffing and puffing is busier than it's ever been.

I hear talk of families who hadn't run in years and, with the current stay-at-home restrictions, have now taken up running again to stay healthy.

Some articles even talked about this activity leading to another running boom once we are post-COVID. 

On a related note, Paris just banned jogging during the hours of 10am to 7pm.

Paris Jogging

A Few Strides Short of Police State

France just recorded its biggest daily jump in the death toll since the outbreak began.  They already have nationwide stay-at-home orders, with a caveat that you can go for a run or walk alone within one kilometer of your home, which seems overly biased to people who love doing multi-loop courses.

boom2If you leave your home you must carry a document justifying the excursion.  Can't show the document when asked?  Boom! 135 euro fine.

If you sneeze, cough or spit in public without covering your face:  Bam! 68 euro fine.

kapowThrow a used face mask or gloves into the street? Kapow! Another 68 euro fine for you. 

Though this isn't written anywhere, I've heard rumors that if you're caught jogging, you're going to get a wedgie to end all wedgies, cause clearly the fines aren't working.


We Will Win The War

My guess is that when race directors hear of this ban, many will become nervous that it will also be enacted in the United States.  Many will fear that it will destroy endurance sports.

You're wrong.

We are at war with a virus right now.  We will win the war - the odds are very heavily stacked in our favor.  The question is really about how many casualties we will have in the battle towards victory, and how long our rebuilding efforts will last post-victory.

From what I'm seeing out there, I'm going to assume that some markets in the United States will eventually also have a temporary ban on outside jogging until we get through this.

The good news is that you can take the person out of the jogging, but you can't take the jogging out of the person.


A Nation of 7 Year Olds

I have a seven year old daughter at home (as if you didn't know).  The one thing I've learned about seven year old daughters is that if I want her to do something, I have to take it away from her.  If I want her to like something, I have to tell her it's not allowed.

I believe in my heart that we are a nation of seven year olds.

Go ahead, take our jogging away, as long as it wins the war against COVID-19.  Our sole focus right now is winning the war with the least amount of casualties and the quickest rebuilding we can.

The fruits of victory will make us run faster, harder, stronger.

So if and when have to sacrifice our ability to run during the daytime, smile.  Our inner seven year old is just getting started.

seven superman


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