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Cortney Martin
July 06, 2018

Participant Referral Programs Made Easy

imATHLETE Social Share Report

We all know the value of recommendations from trusted friends - for everything from restaurants to plumbers to running shoes. The same goes for races. So when we see a friend post on social media that they've signed up for a race, we go...


We feel the FOMO

We click their link. 

We register too.

As event directors, we really want to encourage this word-of-mouth advertising. It's genuine, and it's free.

Social sharing is the basis of ambassador programs that are designed to reward personal recruitment. These programs can be effective, but time consuming to administer. We make referral programs easy!

We provide the tools

We make it easy to encourage, track, and reward recruitment through social sharing. And we've made it even better. 

Social Sharing Popup Original

Here's how it works. When a participant has completed their event registration, they get the social share popup that allows them to share the good news of their registration. (The link is also on their registration confirmation email.) 

For each personalized Participant Referral Link, we track clicks and resulting registrations for you. You can find those in the Social Sharing and Referrals report that gives details for each Participant Referral Link. (To access the report: from main navigation menu in upper right-hand corner, select Reports, then from the dropdown menu choose Other Reports then Social Sharing and Referrals report.) Select one or all of your events and specify the time period of interest. You can also opt to receive these reports via email on an automatic schedule.

imATHLETE Social Sharing and Referral Report Request

The exported spreadsheet will show the number of Referred Clicks, Referred Registrations, Referral Revenue, and Participants from Referrals. (Not shown: columns for Event, First Name, Last Name, Confirmation Code, Registration Date) The Participant Referral Link column is a new addition and later we'll talk about how this new report feature can be used.

 imATHLETE Social Sharing and Referral Report

You turn the links into revenue

Here are some of the ways to use that report to bolster social sharing and registrations.

Provide motivation

  • VIPHold a contest to reward those with some number(s) of referred registrations. Have gold, silver, and bronze levels. Reward the top-25 referrers. 
  • Hold a drawing. Include anyone in the drawing who has had a referred registration. Or, give each referrer a number of entries in the drawing equal to their number of referred registrations.
  • Create a leaderboard and capitalize on those competitive spirits!

Provide rewards

  • Tangible rewards can include race gear, sponsor swag, VIP experiences, upgraded parking, or discount codes to future events.
  • Recognize leading ambassadors and tell their story in social media and on your blog. 

Provide the links

Here's where the Participant Referral Links come in handy. From the exported Participant Referral Report, you can email each participant their unique link with details and reminders about your ambassador or incentive program. Include some suggested messaging they can use to generate excitement. Make it super easy and enticing for your participants to reach out to friends. 

Let us know your creative ides for your referral incentive programs!

If you have any questions, drop us a line at

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