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Jeff Matlow
May 15, 2017

Post-Race Complaints, Simplified

People not in the business of putting on events think that once that last person crosses the finish line, you can finally go to sleep and not wake up for another 5 days.
You and I both know that's a bunch of bullpucky.  
Running of the Bulls
Sure you get to exhale after race day, but it's only a partial exhale.  Like if you just survived the running of the bulls in Pamplona, but as you're panting and almost catching your breath, you realize you're roaming around a big arena and all the angry bulls are still there roaming around and one of them may set their sights on you at any moment.  
We know especially well, because some of those angry bulls send us - the registration provider - notes after the race, thinking we can help them with those types of questions.
Jan Seeley, the race director for the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon, stopped by our offices recently and showed us how she manages the post-race frenzy.  We liked it so much we wanted to share because it's so simple to do.
Watch the video, wouldya.  (and put your sound on for maximum effect).
Here are the basics:
1. Put a note right there on the front of your website for post-event questions.
2. Create a simple Google Form (it's free), that lets people enter their basic info and question.
3. Include parts of the form to help you categorize each issue (e.g. Medal Question, T-Shirt Question, Results Question, etc.)
4. Google will automatically create an excel spreadsheet with all the questions, and they will automatically be categorized into the areas most important to you.  That way you can answer all the medal questions at once, all the t-shirt questions, etc.
Thanks Jan for sharing the tip!!  You are awesome.

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