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April 04, 2016

Charity Miles: Racing for a Cause Made Easy

If you’re in the business of putting on endurance events, there's a good chance you're into the idea of doing good things for others and giving back. It’s part of the Event Director DNA. No one in their right mind would sign up for this job if they weren’t totally jazzed by what they could do for the racing community (and the community at large) by putting on events.

Charity partnerships are a natural extension of that drive to do good. Which is why you need to know about a universal charity partner that is changing the game of race and charity partnerships. We're talking the grandaddy, big-man-on-campus of charity partners - Charity Miles.


What Is Charity Miles?

Charity MilesCharity Miles is a free app that makes a donation to charity for every mile you walk, run, bike, skip, hop, or skedaddle (actually, just the first three). You can earn up to 25 cents per mile walking or running and 10 cents per mile biking. Best of all, you can choose the charity you want to sweat for from over 30 organizations, including Stand Up To Cancer, (RED), and the Special Olympics.


How Does Charity Miles Work?

Before you head out on your walk/run/bike ride, you'll choose which charity you’re working out for. Charity Miles uses your GPS to keep track of your mileage and makes a donation to your charity of choice depending on how long you hit the pavement (or trail or track or rainbow road or whatever). This is made possible by corporate sponsors like Johnson & Johnson, Timex Sports and Humana. Let's give them a round of applause!

In case you are thinking about gaming the system (not that you would), you should know that Charity Miles only works for walking, running and biking, and the app will know if any overzealous do-gooders "accidentally" leave the app running while taking a road trip up the coast. Sorry, no dice.


How Can Charity Miles Work For My Event?

How can charity miles work for my event?

While there is no BAD way to do a charity partnership (if you’re giving back, you’re doing it right), Charity Miles just makes things super easy. Instead of partnering directly with a specific charity, you give your athletes the option to run (or walk or bike) for the charity of their choice. There’s also the fact that your athletes can log all of their training miles.

More miles = more money donated = more do-goodery = more YAY.

Charity Miles is free and works with both iPhone and Android devices, so all you have to do is get your athletes to download the app. Here are a few tips for getting your athletes to get their download on: 

  • Display a link prominently on your homepage and in your online race registration

  • Send out a dedicated email to your athletes (and volunteers!) about Charity Miles and how they can contribute to your overall race donation

  • Start a team on the app and invite all of your athletes to join (no one wants to be left out!)

  • Provide an incentive - give away a prize for the person who logs the most training miles or award random prizes

  • Include an announcement in your race registration that directs athletes to the Charity Miles download (depending on your setup, you can build this on the back end of your race registration software)


With Charity Miles, you can make a real impact with multiple charities and with almost NO effort required from you. You could basically call it Philanthropy: The No-Sweat Edition. If that’s not a win, I don’t know what is!

Make your athletes’ miles count, and partner with Charity Miles.

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