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Randolph Garcia
October 11, 2016

Event Marketing Links

  RD Q+A

Our “RD Q+A” posts aim to take real-life questions from race directors that we either see frequently or we think could help other events with best practices. Yes you can breathe easier, you’re not the only one that has questions!



“I am putting a lot of effort into marketing and I would like to track the efforts of each initiative to see how successful each was, do you have a way for me to track each effort?"



EinsteinFirst off, we love that you are putting so much effort into marketing efforts that you want to track how well everything is working! It’s important to know how well your efforts are doing so you can create a set of best practices for yourself going forward. If a marketing spend doesn’t work you probably don’t want to repeat the same thing the next year. You know how the saying goes, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.”  

Our tool for helping you track marketing efforts is what we call our Event Marketing Links. Event Marketing Links allow you to create custom links that can be tied to specific marketing activities and used to track clicks and conversions to completed registrations. It is important to maximize the use of your race registration software in order to better develop metrics that can help influence later decisions. 

You can find the event marketing links set-up on your dashboard by clicking the “Event Marketing Links” link under Marketing + Communication. The set-up process is really easy, you select which event you want to create a link for, and then click “Add New Link.” You have the option of naming your link [most people name theirs after what the marketing initiative is, “Participant Email Blast #1”] and creating a custom link tag. Once you add your custom link tag and hit “Save”, you’re done and ready to start disseminating your links!

Marketing Links Setup

Now that you are using your links you can skip down to the “Reporting + Tracking” section. Here you will see how many clicks and actual race registrations you get from that link. You also have easy access to the conversion rate from clicks to registrations. Finally, you have the ability to get granular within those folks by taking a look at the “Marketing Report” which will show you which classes athletes registered for and what revenue you collected for that marketing initiative. Taking in all this information will help you develop your ROI for each marketing effort.

Marketing Links Stats

In Conclusion...

Getting into the nitty gritty of what your marketing efforts are getting you is the next step up in developing your event business. The old way of doing things has been to spend money on print ads and hope that people still read enough magazines to find out about your event in that way. With digital becoming bigger and bigger every year you now have a vehicle through imATHLETE's online race registration to determine exactly what the ROI is on every marketing effort you make. As I mentioned previously, developing a set of best practices for yourself should be the goal and the best way to determine those is by using Event Marketing Links to see what efforts bring in the most registrations.

If you have any questions that you'd like to submit for a future "RD Q+A" feel free to drop us a note in the comments.

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