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Jeff Matlow
May 14, 2018

Repeat Participant Stats Right on your Dashboard

retention chalkboardWe are big proponents of retention over here at imATHLETE HQ.  Why?  Because it is 7x LESS expensive to keep an existing customer than it is to get a new one.

We think retention is so important, that we are putting the numbers right in your line of vision so you can pay attention to it even more.  The first step in doing this is letting you see real-time insight into the percent of repeat participants you are getting for every single event of yours.

When you login to your dashboard, you'll now see a column for repeat participants.  It looks a lot like this... in fact, exactly like this...


What are repeat participants?

You know what, I thought you'd never ask.  The way we calculate repeat participants are the number of people who have registered for that event and also have registered for any other event of yours prior to that event's start date.  It does not mean the % of people who registered last year and are doing the same event again this year... that's "retention' (not 'repeat').


Learn about retention

Want to know more details on your retention?  Want to know which participants are doing which events?  Want to know all the people that registered the last two years but haven't yet registered this year?

We've got that for you and if you don't know about it, you need to.  There's a report that we creatively titled the Retention Report (Reports --> Other Reports) and you're going to love it.

Why will you love it?  Because it will give you a list of every single person that you should be contacting right now to get them into your event.

Two words:  Free Money

Stay tuned for more info on retention!


Retention Report


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