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Jeff Matlow
February 23, 2018

Set The Character Limit On Text Fields


As more and more race directors offer the ability for participants to customize wording on their race bib, there has become a need to set character limits on text fields. Because, after all, even though I want my bib to say "cheer louder, my body hurts", there just isn't enough room on the piece of paper.  And then if that's what I requested, sans character limits my bib would end up just saying "cheer lou", which is ridiculous because all the spectators would start calling me "lou" and that would be very confusing to me because my cousin's name is lou and I would constantly think that spectators were screaming for my cousin which in itself is odd because my cousin lou is not a runner so it makes no sense why they are cheering him on in the first place.

So, anyway, you can set character limits on text fields now.

It's all done in the custom question page of event set up. You'll see.. it looks a lot like this image, but without the circles and arrows.


character limit



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