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Jeff Matlow
July 22, 2019

The Epicenter of Best Practices

Spoiler Alert

imATHLETE just expanded and extended it's relationship as the Official Data Insight Partner for Running USA.  The webinars we've put on have been wildly popular.  We actually help companies make better decisions, which makes me so incredibly happy.

Here's why I'm told that these matter to you...


Best Practices

BestPracticeOur industry is close knit but also extremely fragmented and somewhat territorial.  It's easy to live in your bubble and focus on what you do with your event(s).  It's hard to pick up the phone and ask a few hundred or thousand people whether or not there's a better way for you to do things.

That's where imATHLETE has come in,  Helping you make better decisions.


Data Insights To Help You Grow

The words we live by here at imATHLETE are:

Data creates insights.  
Insights create action.  
Action creates growth.

imATHLETE helps you grow 

We have access to massive amounts of data.  We also have access to thousands and thousands of events.  We leverage this valuable information to do the following:

  1. Analyze behavior across the industry
  2. Share the insights from that behavior to help you make good choices
  3. Give you actionable ideas to drive growth 


DataInsightSeries 2Official Data Insight Partner

As I mentioned above, imATHLETE is the Official Data Insight Partner for Running USA. We are ecstatic to have expanded and extended our relationship through 2020.  Make sure you subscribe to the I Am Jeff newsletter to stay updated on webinars, surveys and other best practices.


The Data Insight Series (DIS) Webinars

Webinars take place every other month and have turned out to be quite popular.  They last about 30 minutes in total, and it includes lots of information, actionable insights and a decent joke here and there.  Previous Data Insight Series webinars include:

DIS #1:   Participant retention

DIS #2:   How far people will travel based on event distance

DIS #3:   Registration trends based on distance traveled

DIS #4:   Discount code best practices

DIS #5:   Comp code best practices

DIS #6:   Ambassador program best practices

DIS #7 (upcoming):  E-Commerce

Make sure you subscribe to the I Am Jeff newsletter to stay updated on webinars, Check out our picture book edition too.


The Industry Trend Surveys (ITS)

Every month (for 6 months in a row) we host an Industry Trend Survey.  This survey focuses on a specific topic and gets lots of RDs to give their feedback.  We share the results of all surveys with everybody who participates.  Previous Industry Trend Surveys include:

ITS #1:    Comp codes for sponsors

ITS #2:    Event cancellation insurance

ITS #3:    Training program sales

ITS #4:    Ambassador programs

ITS #5:    Athlete communication best practices

ITS #6:    Charitable fundraising best practices


Want to see the results for any of these surveys?  Just let us know.  

Also, I'm not sure I mentioned this before, but make sure you subscribe to the I Am Jeff newsletter to stay updated on new Industry Trend Surveys,




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