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Randolph Garcia
August 04, 2016

Stronger Together!


imATHLETE + Crowdrise
This post comes from the desk of our Account Manager Randy Garcia. Randy (and all our Account Managers) have a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective from a wide variety of events across the country and industry. Which means their know-how is incredibly valuable when it comes to giving pointers on how to grow your brand, grow your revenue, and reduce your workload. Without further ado... Randy. 


You’ve most likely heard the saying, “United we Stand, Divided we Fall”, and while race registration is not so dire, imATHLETE and CrowdRise are now united with our new fundraising integration. Industry-leading registration technology and industry-leading fundraising. We’re Stronger Together!


imATHLETE + CrowdRise Partnership

We’ve talked before about how CrowdRise wants to Make Fundraising Great Again with their ability to make it easy for an event to create a visually and emotionally appealing campaign. imATHLETE partnered with CrowdRise because we needed to make sure that we made the best and most robust fundraising tools available to event organizers. With the continued growth and maturation of charity fundraising in endurance sports, fundraising races need the latest and greatest features to keep up with the pack.


Turning on Fundraising Integration

Events are starting to take advantage of our fundraising integration. Athletes now go through a seamless process in registration where they select the charity they want to fundraise for, the fundraising team they are on, and a fundraising page on CrowdRise is automatically created. It’s literally a two-step process. (It might not be as easy as perfecting your two-step dance moves though!)

The major benefit of the integration is that now charities don’t have to chase down athletes to go through another process to create a fundraising page. I know how much of a hassle that can be and as a charity manager you don’t want to waste time and energy getting people to create a page. You’d rather spend the time getting people to raise funds!

Here is a look at some fundraising pages that events have created on CrowdRise:

Race for the Roses

The visual appeal of what can be done on CrowdRise is in stark contrast to fundraising pages of the past (think white background and blocks of text). Images like the ones used above help tug at the heartstrings (and hopefully loosen the purse strings).

Race for the Roses Video

Check out the Race for the Roses page for more visual ideas.


This event has a benefiting charity and the event organizers did a masterful job of using all their visual assets (including a video) to present the most compelling case for someone to not only donate to their charity but also sign up for the race. As I learned at the Running USA conference earlier this year, the personal appeal of a video can go a long way to raising more funds than fundraisers without video. 

brooksieway2.pngBrooksie Way

Check out the Brooksie Way fundraising page for ideas when setting up your own page


CrowdRise's main differentiator is that they take a modern, fun, and innovative approach to fundraising. They are tapping directly into the fastest growing segment of personal giving, online fundraising. By facilitating fundraising challenges and contests as well as offering a robust rewards program they encourage people to come back and donate. The tools empower athletes to raise money in a fun and interactive way while still creating a page that is so compelling that people feel they have to give before leaving the page.


Integrate Today!

With over 1.5 million charities that are supported on CrowdRise, the 501(c)3 that you work with is likely already listed and ready for integration. Set up your event so everyone has to fundraise or it's optional but just know that by integrating your online race registration with fundraising you have a better chance at raising more funds! Like I said before, with industry leading registration tools and industry leading fundraising tools, we're Stronger Together!  


If you want more information on imATHLETE + CrowdRise's partnership, sign up for our webinar scheduled for August 10, 10:00am PDT/1:00pm EDT.

See the steps to integrate with CrowdRise here

Click here for more information about moving your events over to imATHLETE.

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