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Jeff Matlow
March 18, 2020

The Coronavirus And Crisis Leadership

COVID-19 And It's Impact

Holy crap!!

Whether the COVID-19 outbreak was all foreshadowed by Dean Koontz in 1981 or not, it's here and it's real.

Here’s the thing.. in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, we are told to avoid large public gatherings. But let’s face facts folks, the sole premise of our entire industry is to create large public gatherings.

Ummmm.... Houston, we have a problemAt least for the short term.  And I firmly believe it's just a short term problem.

Why? Because we are a sport driven by passion. Because we are a sport with the sole purpose of helping people achieve their goals. Because we are a sport that thrives despite what the world throws at us.

Crisis Mode

That said, we are in a crisis.  There is fear, but that is ok.  Fear is normal for such situations. 

Dont Panic

What I'd like to do is give you some thoughts on how you can rise above the fear

There are certain best practices we all need to know and follow. These best practices will help reduce your stress, reduce your loss, and increase your chance to flourish in the future.

Over the next days and weeks I will post information and recommendations on those best practices. This includes:

  • Planning
  • Canceling with little to no backlash
  • Effective communication strategies
    and more

Let me start with the qualities of leadership.

The 7 Required Qualities of Crisis Leadership

Every best practice we talk about means nothing without strong leadership.

There are seven qualities that define good leadership, especially in times of crisis.  They are:

  1.  Clear communicatortough decisions ahead
  2. Decisive
  3. Strategic
  4. Goal-oriented
  5. Calm
  6. Ability to prioritize
  7. Critical thinker

I am not going to describe each one because you are smart enough to figure them out.  What I am going to ask is that you take 2 minutes to think of how you can better embody each leadership quality. 

Don't just nod your head and say you'll do it.  Do it.


I'll wait.

OK....we're going to refer back to these qualities when we talk about communication, cancellation and more.

Look for more shortly

We’re going to get through this.  And we're going to be stronger because of it.

That, I know.

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