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Jeff Matlow
March 26, 2015

The imATHLETE Blog for Organizers of Endurance Events Who Are Interested In Growing Their Businesses And Learning More About The Industry Despite The Risk Of Ridiculously Long Blog Post Titles

Hello.  I hope you're doing well today.  new-blog-kitten

This is a blog.  As if you couldn't figure that one out yourself.  The ramblings herewith are brought to you from the fine folks at imATHLETE.  Again, you probably could've figured that one out on your own as well, if not from the imATHLETE logo up there on the top of the page, but because it's also written over there ----->  
on the right side of the page.

I don't mean to insult your ability to figure things out on your own.

And that kind of reminds me of the point I'm trying to make: that you don't have to figure everything out on your own.  The reality of life - and of business - is that success doesn't happen in a vacuum.  We learn and grow from listening to others.  It takes a village.  Behind every great leader is a great team.  None of us is as smart as all of us.  

You get the point.  




No matter how successful your business is, our industry is changing at a fast pace and there is always more to learn.  imATHLETE is in a unique position in that we work with a thousands and thousands of marathons, triathlons, cycling events, running events, clubs, retailers and more. We interact with millions of athletes.  We stay on top of technology and are continuously looking and learning how event organizers are running their busineses. 

Because of this, we are in a wonderful position to share best practices - and warn you about worst practices. We can share cool ideas that are starting to gain traction and talk about companies that are primed to disrupt the industry.

Sometimes we may even be funny.  But don't count on it.



In addition to what's mentioned above, we will also use this blog as a platform to keep you updated about new enhancements at imATHLETE and new announcements that we think may be worthwhile to know about.  Like, for instance, my daughter finally being potty trained, and other universe-altering activities.



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Thanks for listening!

Talk to you soon.

Jeff + the imATHLETE crew


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