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Jeff Matlow
April 06, 2015

Why You Get More Participants With A Race Registration Shopping Cart System

The online registration sector of the endurance sports industry is a funny business.  And when I say funny, I don't mean ha-ha funny.  I mean more of a "do things it's own way regardless of what the 'Internet Norm" is considered to be" sort of funny.

Let's face facts, online race registration was created to replace a piece of paper.  In the beginning, the sole goal was to get a name and a credit card number then have the participant be on their way - never to be seen again until they show up on race day.

RegFormBut, alas, times have changed. (You're welcome for not quoting Bob Dylan there)

Online race registration is no longer just about processing a credit card. It's about helping event organizers promote their events in unique and exciting ways. It's about engaging athletes and their friends. It's about social media, community interaction and making life a lot easier for both the race organizer and the participant.

This is where the value of a shopping cart system comes in handy.  

Many companies consider registration a linear process, like a 5k race - you start signing up for an event, you go through the pages and then you finish.  But imagine if it wasn't as linear.  Imagine if you could begin registration, then decide you also want to buy a few shirts.  And, oh wait, it looks like your friends and family members want to join you in the event.  But alas, you left your credit card at home.

shopping cart system with running shoes

With a shopping cart system, you not only can sign up everybody at once, including buying shirts, making donations, buying training programs and everything else, but you can begin registration at work and then go home, click a button and pay for it all in one transaction when you have your credit card in front of you.

Want some stats to back this up?  I thought so.

Over 23% of transactions on imATHLETE have multiple items in the cart.  People are buying more because of the shopping cart.

Registration abandonment rates are less than 6%!!*  To put this in perspective, standards in e-commerce are 70%+ abandonment rates, and industry standard abandonment rates in online race registration is ~20%.  This means more people are completing more registrations because of the shopping cart.

So let's recap this one... by not doing a darn thing but working with a shopping cart system, you can

  • have more people buy more things, and
  • get more people to complete and pay for registration

All without you having to stop sipping your margarita while you lay on the couch.

So next time you're looking to compare race registration companies, make sure you're considering unique ways you can make more money and do less work!  



*Abandonment rates are based on select large events (20,000+ participants)


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